Friday, September 16, 2011

Troublemaker - Moratorium

I've been meaning to post this New Jersey ripper for quite some time, so I suppose the "better late than never" philosophy can be applied here. Yet another bright spot on the Ride the Fury Records roster, Troublemaker churned out this 13 track monster last fall in both colored wax and cassette format. One part dark, heavy hardcore, one part ear searing speed, and a splash of vocals wrought with anger comprise the band's volatile formula.

The album seems to bob and weave its way through assorted movements, as the band flips the switch from blurring quickness to grinding, collapsing breakdowns in a matter of seconds. Once you attempt to become comfortable (in the loosest sense of the word), they commence lurching back and forth with enough force to have you vomiting right all over your MacBook Pro. Raw, unapologetic, and infectious, Troublemaker skips the chug-a-chug spinkicking nonsense and delivers an LP in terrific, true hardcore fashion.

This is still available in both formats from Ride the Fury, so pick one up on the cheap if you haven't already. Even better, they actually recorded more than 15 minutes worth of music (which seems to be a rarity these days), so don't worry about getting your money's worth with this one.

Ride the Fury Records

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Partisans - 17 Years of Hell

When in doubt, just turn the clock back a few...decades? For your listening pleasure, we're serving up some absolutely classic original punk rock right here from England's The Partisans; no frills, no nonsense, and no complicated chord progressions to get in the way of the snotty, pissed off attitude. Released in 1982 on No Future Records when the UK82 punk movement was exploding across the country, 17 Years of Hell cemented The Partisans into music history alongside contemporaries such as Special Duties, Blitz, Abrasive Wheels, The Enemy, and more.

Following the success of their first single in 1981, Police Story/Killing Machine, the group quickly dropped this trio of raw, unpolished tracks onto the surging European punk scene in the Spring of 1982. As a young, stubborn, and pessimistic group, The Partisans tackled many of the recycled lyrical topics you'd expect to find, lashing out against government, police, society, and nearly everyone else in England. The title track is one of the band's more memorable offerings, remaining an important piece of the early punk rock timeline, riddled with frustration and anger.

The Partisans actually reformed in the late 90s after breaking up in 1984 (as many similar acts did), and released a new EP (So Neat) in 2001, followed by a full length (Idiot Nation) in 2004. As with most reunited punk bands, the reactions are mixed at best, so stick with their first couple singles and self-titled LP to experience the band at their short lived, but exciting peak.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Stuff from Katorga Works

Western Massachusetts' Hoax return after an ear splitting demo with four more bullets straight through the brain in the form of a 7" debut. Gritty production, abrasive vocals, and thunderous percussion congeal together to create an absolute calamity of an EP. If you were into their first tape, this is an absolute must as far as polluting the airwaves in your immediate locale. Four songs in five minutes, you already know what to expect.

This sold out quickly from Katorga Works but Deranged still has some copies available so snatch those up before all of the vinyl heads flock quicker than locusts to a fruit tree.

Download (link from Katorga)
Buy from Deranged Records

Merchandise returns from humid, sun drenched Tampa, Florida with their latest head scratching musical effort, this time as a split release between Katorga and Drugged Conscience. Blending elements of post-punk, fuzzed out rock, and gritty pop, they create an intoxicating cocktail of tuneage unlike most bands circulating the scene these days. I was pretty psyched on the unusual vibe and surprising songwriting on their first two tapes, and (Strange Songs) In the Dark finds a comfortable home in a similar vein.

This is also sold out from Katorga, but definitely pick this up (as well as the Neon Blud LP) from Drugged Conscience before they're sold out. (Note: this is not a hardcore record, try something different.)

Download (link from Katorga)
Buy from Drugged Conscience

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Demos

Yikes, I guess it's been too long since there's been some fresh tunes uploaded on here. Fortunately, there's been plenty of aneurysm inducing tapes and records popping up over the past couple months, and I have a pair that I've been meaning to post for a while.

First up we have one of the latest Western Massachusetts disasters, formed by ex/current/whocares members of Aerosols and SQRM. Hoax delivers five tracks of ear splitting, brooding hardcore in a pleasantly gritty and abrasive fashion. Expect raw vocals, fuzzed out distortion, and the somewhat typical (yet purposeful) low-fi recording quality. This tape's been sold out for a while, so check this out if you haven't already.

Download (I heisted this from Derrick's Well Fed blog, stop by for more noise)

Midwest Wolfpack! The aptly dubbed Noose serve up their aggressive vegan straightedge hardcore stylings on their first five track demo. These guys picked up steam fast and quickly joined the React! Records roster to release a 7" version of the demo, which you can pick up here. If you're into the early Boston-era hardcore or other current Midwest bands, this is definitely worth a peek. Look for an upcoming tour with RazorxFade this month which hits a number of cities including NYC, Philly, Boston, Richmond, and more.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Upcoming Shows

Philly and New Jersey both have a solid show coming up to help beat down those icy winter blues. Forget about the weekly ice/rain/snow/sleet storm and head out for one of these. There's plenty more coming in March and April so stay tuned.

2/5/11 - Broad Street Ministry - Philly - 7PM - $12

Mother of Mercy (Record Release)
Cold World
Free Spirit
Cop Problem
Sawed Off

Joe and R5 will also be collecting coloring books and crayons for donation to the Eliza Shirley House Shelter for Women and Children so help out if you can.

2/11/11 - Asbury Lanes - Asbury Park, NJ - 8PM - $10

The Rival Mob
Stick Together
Mob Mentality

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tear it Up Reunion Shows

New Jersey's own Tear it Up will be getting together for a pair of reunion shows to celebrate the reissue of their heralded Nothing to Nothing LP on Six Feet Under Records. It's been years since the band called it quits, leaving a gaping hole in the New Jersey hardcore scene which has ached for a band of their influence since their departure (at least for me). Locals; feel free to howl in delight, as both shows will be in the area, with one in Brooklyn and the other in Kearny, NJ. Full details are below via the promoters:


TEAR IT UP - Reunion, Nothing To Nothing line up
LAST IN LINE - Hardcore Punk Western Massholes, Reunion
CELL MATES - New Hardcore band from Maryland, Members of Deep Sleep

Friday March 25th, 6:30pm - $10 Adv/ $12 At the door - All Ages
@ Europa
98 Meserole Ave @ Manhattan
Brooklyn, NY 


TEAR IT UP - Reunion, first shows since 11/1/2003
FULL SPEED AHEAD - A Rare Appearance From NJ's Finest
NIGHT BIRDS - NJ / Bklyn Surf Punks, Singles Collection CD release show
LOOSE ENDS - NJ's Newest Premiere Rock n' Roll Act

Saturday, March 26th, 7pm - $10 Adv/ $12 At the door - All Ages
@ The Irish
95 Kearny Ave
Kearny, NJ
for more info:

Both of these shows are expected to sell out quickly, so don't sleep on this short-lived and amazing opportunity, especially if you missed them the first time around. The LP reissue is currently at the plant, so check back with Six Feet Under for more info and preorders coming soon.  

Finally - in case you've been living under a rock or in a cave for an extended period of time, check out a download of The First Four Months here. You can also buy a copy on CD from Deranged Records.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Natural Law - Slump

Brooklyn's Natural Law is surging back to the forefront with a spankin' new EP, Slump. Following a ripping demo chock full of gritty, old school influence, Slump delves even further into bleakness and despair, unearthing waves of deafening, straight up hardcore. A split release between Katorga Works and Hesitation Wound, this one is already flying off internet shelves and distros around the country.

With five songs clocking in at about five and a half minutes, Natural Law's latest work picks up where the demo left off, but with even better sound quality and tighter playing. Like pulling the ripcord on a chainsaw, Slump immediately ignites into fast paced hardcore fury and blazes through the entire EP from front to back. Stripped down and in your face, the band leaves cutesy guitar diddlys and sluggish breakdowns in the dust, pouring all their effort into a positively crushing slab of wax.

Slump is already sold out from Katorga Works, but copies are still available from Hesitation Wound, so act fast if you haven't grabbed one of these already. The download link comes straight from the label, so support these guys if you can.

Hesitation Wound
Natural Law