Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Stuff from Katorga Works

Western Massachusetts' Hoax return after an ear splitting demo with four more bullets straight through the brain in the form of a 7" debut. Gritty production, abrasive vocals, and thunderous percussion congeal together to create an absolute calamity of an EP. If you were into their first tape, this is an absolute must as far as polluting the airwaves in your immediate locale. Four songs in five minutes, you already know what to expect.

This sold out quickly from Katorga Works but Deranged still has some copies available so snatch those up before all of the vinyl heads flock quicker than locusts to a fruit tree.

Download (link from Katorga)
Buy from Deranged Records

Merchandise returns from humid, sun drenched Tampa, Florida with their latest head scratching musical effort, this time as a split release between Katorga and Drugged Conscience. Blending elements of post-punk, fuzzed out rock, and gritty pop, they create an intoxicating cocktail of tuneage unlike most bands circulating the scene these days. I was pretty psyched on the unusual vibe and surprising songwriting on their first two tapes, and (Strange Songs) In the Dark finds a comfortable home in a similar vein.

This is also sold out from Katorga, but definitely pick this up (as well as the Neon Blud LP) from Drugged Conscience before they're sold out. (Note: this is not a hardcore record, try something different.)

Download (link from Katorga)
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