Monday, September 27, 2010

Vile Gash in Philly

There's not a plentiful amount of information on this one but here's what's out there right now:

Teri's - 1126 S. 9th St. Philly
9/30/10 - 9 p.m. - Free - 18+ (don't be an idiot)
Vile Gash
No Coffins
DJ Recordmoney

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rotting Out @ Brick Moose Lodge

The Jersey Shore hardcore resurgence continues. West coasters Rotting Out headline the joint with plenty of regional bands rounding out the line up for this banger in Brick. Get out there early and support all the local dudes on the bill. Check out the Facebook invite if you're into that.

10/1/10 - 5 p.m. - $5
Rotting Out
Soul Search
Ramming Speed
Filthy Habits
Country Drop

Mother of Mercy and Nails @ Sellersville VFW

Joe Hardcore is officially at it again. While this next jaunt isn't in Philly, the Sellersville VFW hall is set up for an explosive night on September 28th. Make sure you get there early for this one.

9/28/10 - 7 p.m. $10
Mother of Mercy
Black Feathers

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/23 in New Brunswick, NJ

Quick heads up for people in the area about another HCHC show in New Brunswick, NJ. There isn't a flyer yet so just details for now:

9/23 @ 7 p.m. - $5
Bear Trap
Dethroned Emperor
Sick Fuck

This will wrap up at 10 p.m., please do NOT show up without any money for the touring band. The address can't be posted online so "askapunk."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sacred Love - Demo

Back in March I posted a review on some of Sacred Love's debut material, but without any downloads. They put out 75 copies of their demo with a live set as the B side recently, which sold pretty swiftly as word is beginning to spread further about these hard hitting Baltimore newcomers.

Drawing from classic influences such as Cro-Mags and Bad Brains, Sacred Love tap into an old school, straight up hardcore style while adding in their own musical flair. The combination of textbook and unusual rhythms keep the listener fresh, without droning on much in any particular direction. Each of the four songs serves up some classic hardcore tendencies layered with driving, mid-tempo beats, and aggressive vocals while clocking in around eight minutes long. "Weighed Down" takes the cake for me as the favorite, with a floor rumbling breakdown and barking vocals about midway through.

These are already sold out, but check out their blog for further updates on shows and releases. Sacred Love was signed to the stellar Youngblood Records, and an official release is already recorded and slated for release during the upcoming Youngblood Showcase event. Check it out.

Sacred Love
Youngblood Records

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Walls - Tour EP

Feast your eyes on the most recent release from Seattle's Walls. Comprised of members from Cold Sweat and Iron Lung, their latest EP was sold during a stint throughout the West coast back in May (which I wanted to upload about two months ago but this was unfortunately lost in the fray for a bit). Aggressive, unsettling, but surprisingly satisfying, this reveals itself in the form of sleek black vinyl with unmarked black labels and a silkscreened cover with the lyrics on the back.

This is a quick burst for sure, containing two new tracks and a rip roaring cover of Die Kreuzen's "Live Wire."  Clocking in at just under six minutes in length, you've been left behind before any true sense of the band's crushingly diabolical formula completely sets in, which is probably my only complaint.

"Stare at the Walls" begins the musical terror with rolling percussion and a building rhythm section which threatens to completely explode before winding down during the final few seconds. Everything is pleasantly fuzzy and abrasive, fitting perfectly with the unsettling, harsh vocal tones. "Healthy Communication" features a repetitious, grinding, distorted bass line, which gives way to an avalanche of shrieking guitars, feedback, and crash cymbals before moving seamlessly into the Die Kreuzen cover.

Definitely snatch this up and throw it on repeat for a few times to establish as much as a feel for Walls as you possibly can. I'd love more, but then again it seems like that with plenty of releases lately, but I suppose we can all just hope there's a new LP at some point. I'd yell at everyone to buy it, but these were almost all sold on tour, and any copies which surfaced in webstores disappeared instantly. Sink your teeth in.

Iron Lung Records

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Impalers - Demo

I picked up this beast at a recent Mammoth Grinder show over the summer; a spankin' new demo from a Texas duo. Featuring an obvious member from MG and another recruit from Hatred Surge (YES), they deliver five thumping, precisely chaotic tracks which almost sound too good to be a demo. Green pro tapes, color printed j-cards, limited to 100, sold out. You know it.

Start off with some intense d-beat influences ranging everywhere from Discharge to Disclose, and add in some old school metal from across Europe like Motorhead, and you've brought The Impalers' foundation into focus. Crashing percussion, rip roaring guitars, and devilish vocals set up a complete sonic assault on the senses, leaving everyone pleasantly weary.

Each song builds a steely wall of sound, brick by brick, cementing The Impalers' aggressive sound and raw tendencies. Some are laced with searing solos, such as "Rabid Transgressors," while "Turn Me Loose" is near perfect d-beat worship banged out at max volume. However, one of the aspects which allows this demo to be great is their ability to refrain from the complete redundancy which seems to ruin somewhat similar bands while boring people to death. Unfortunately, the tape doesn't come with lyrics, but it's Ulsh, so that should give a pretty easy clue where this might be headed.

The initial run sold out on tour, but there should be another press available soon from Nuclear Solution. Check out the blog below for further updates, and if you're in the Texas, check out their debut show on 9/25 at Beerland during the Vaaska record release. Trust me, this is absolutely worth your while.

Nuclear Solutions Records