Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hope Conspiracy/The Carrier/Rise and Fall Re-releases

Deathwish Inc. is at it again, churning out re-releases of some great LPs that have long since gone out of print or were previously only available in CD format (for what reason, who knows?) Collectors will be excited to see these records released without a preorder, enabling fans to purchase and receive them without having to wait a number of weeks. All of the reissues came with free digital downloads as well, just in case you had been living under a rock for the past few years, or if your younger brother stole your copy of the CD.

The breakdown for these went as follows:
The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name (1 vinyl colorway, lyric insert)
Rise and Fall - Into Oblivion (2 vinyl colorways, trifold insert)
The Carrier - One Year Later (3 vinyl colorways, gatefold cover)

The Hope Conspiracy's last LP, released in fall of 2006 on Malfunction Records, sold out quickly and is fairly difficult to find now, unless you're into scouring Ebay for hours on end. The original press was limited to 1000; 300 on gold and 700 on clear with gold. Eventually a second press was done of 500 on black and gold mix. This wasn't quite as classic as Endnote or Cold Blue, but still essential to fans of the band and hardcore enthusiasts. The repress isn't gatefold anymore, but still holds the same raw power and energy that the band has put forth to this day.

I absolutely love the layout for the Rise and Fall LP; stunning black and white graphics wrap around the entire package, from the cover to the insert to the wax itself. Originally released in 2005 by Reflections Records in Europe, this album has been out of print on vinyl for years, as the original run of 1000 copies sold out long ago. I still feel this band is underrated, possibly due to their European descent and inability to tour the U.S. as frequently as they might like. The record sounds fantastic on vinyl, as the stripped down, heavy sound is only enhanced by a turntable. Here's a better look at the layout:

The Carrier's One Year Later was released in 2007 on Rock Vegas records on CD format only. This 11 song behemoth completely blew me away the first few listens, and still can give me a chill every now and then. Filled with emotion and power, this always reminded me of Love is Red, with the exception of all the repetitive, cheesy mosh parts. The package for this one was nice as well, with expanded artwork, gatefold cover, and three different vinyl colors. This only heightens the anticipation for the new LP, which I hope can be at least half as fantastic as One Year Later. Check it:

Any followers of these artists, or people simply looking to check them out should take advantage of the re-releases, as Deathwish did another great job putting these together. Most of the vinyl colors are still available, and every copy contains a free download code so you can upload to your iPod or anything else. All three of these albums are worth a listen, go for it!