Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Iron Rain - Silent Sins

Chicago Hardcore in full effect! Silent Sins is the brand new EP from Iron Rain, due out January 19th as a split release between Panic Records and How Soon is Now Records. I took the time recently to stream the new songs from the record label's website and was pleasantly surprised with the debut effort from this four piece act.

The Chicago and Midwest hardcore scene is exploding right now, with loads of great bands coming out of the woodwork. It's becoming almost impossible to keep up with all of the new acts and preorders, not to mention all of the tours coming through the area. Iron Rain is currently on a tour of the West coast and Midwest, unfortunately not coming through the East coast, otherwise I would be compelled to check out their energetic, powerful sound live.

The first thing that comes to mind when this EP begins is the immediate explosion of sound. The guitars have an especially low, raw sound, reminding me of The Hope Conspiracy a la Cold Blue. Production value is also done well on this record, as they managed to keep the band sounding unpolished and gritty, but not like the recording was done in someone's basement with a pair of overhead mics. The end result is a fast, rough 3-track EP that should sound fantastic on vinyl (which we will have to wait until they ship after preorders end unfortunately.)

Iron Rain has a heavy sound, but still manages to stay away from monotony, as each song has its own feel. One of my favorite moments is during the title track, as the song builds up into the chorus, with singer Lawrence Scott screaming "Silent Sins!" which is immediately followed by group vocals echoing him. This quickly gives me the mental image of fingers and fists going into the air, as kids fly off the stage onto the front row of people.

Of all the new records coming out, this is one of my favorites that should not be missed. The three songs go by incredibly fast, and I had to listen to this about six times in a row to finally be satisfied. I only hope they tour through my area soon so I can experience their live performance as well. Preorders are happening now on both record labels, with different packages featuring shirts and colored vinyl for collectors. Don't sleep.