Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bad American - EP

Bethlehem, PA's Bad American serves up a split release between two budding record labels, Bad Recordings and Discontent Records. Gritty hardcore punk with scorching vocals and a venomous delivery, this four piece pumps out eight songs on their debut EP. Glued cardstock sleeves with sweet artwork, mixed vinyl, a sticker, and lyric insert are all part of the presentation.

Right off the bat, these dudes remind me of the first Outbreak EP mixed in with some more abrasive, older punk rock qualities. The heat pounding speed is right on point, as the raging guitar riffs work in complete cohesion with the rest of the group. On occasion, the vocals become slightly blown out, but everything pairs pretty nicely considering their non-stop, no frills approach. Forget the cutesy guitar diddlys and pseudo-indie vibe; Bad American is pumping out fast paced hardcore with a scintillating punk edge.

While their musical formula is pretty standard, there's still a few pretty memorable moments scattered throughout the record. The thumping bass 'n drum intro to "Rodent" is a perfect fire-starter, building in anticipation before exploding into an all out attack. "Snake Doctor" puts an insanely catchy riff to work, ripping into a 50 second barn burner as the record works its way to the final ear shredding scream in "Combat."

Give the download a spin or two (I listened to it about seven times), and snatch one of these up before everything's sold out. The limited covers (/100) and their demo (/50) are already sold out, but the band still has copies of the mixed lavenderish color in the picture above. Support the newer guys who are doing something positive. Thanks again to the band for sending this one in.

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