Friday, October 22, 2010

Long Pigs - Tape

So it's been a little while since the last update, but I'm happy to serve up a tape from New York's Toxic State Records. This five piece unit of snotty hardcore punk, appropriately dubbed Long Pigs, presents their latest tape with seven doses of noisy, crashing tunes. White unlabeled tapes, fold out insert, and a lyric sheet are the presentation on this one.

First off, there isn't much information on this whatsoever (at least that I could track down). The tape was sent in by the label along with a few other items which should hopefully be on here soon as well. While the recording quality is clearly a little bit on the more scruffy, low-fi end of the spectrum, it pairs pretty well with the disdainful, negative outpouring of angst which flows like water from Long Pigs.

Fast paced with blaring distortion and relentlessly pounding percussion, Long Pigs stumble their way through their seven tracks in about nine minutes like a drunken brown out. A wall of sound fires out from the speakers, which is more caused by the searing feedback and ragged recording levels, rather than something created by a razor sharp powerviolence band played at max volume. However, this particular brand of near sloppiness coupled with unmitigated anger and roaring riffs seems to work pretty well. Besides, there are tons of other demos or tapes which have sounded worse, with far messier recording and playing.

Check out Toxic State for more NYC hardcore punk and support what these guys are doing, this is the real deal. All of the bands affiliated with the label are worth a spin or three, so hit them up on the blog link below if you're into the download.

Toxic State Records