Monday, November 15, 2010

Mammoth Grinder - Obsessed with Death

Now that this is completely sold out, I figured it was time to post a rip for those who missed out on the one time pressing of 300 copies. Featuring one fresh blast of death metal laced intense hardcore, and a classic cover from one of the more well known metal bands of all time, Obsessed with Death is another welcome installment in the Mammoth Grinder catalog. A bleak, two color silkscreened cover and a sweet slab of black wax round out the packaging from Hell Massacre Records.

It's all there in a touch over two minutes, everything we've come to know, enjoy, and bang out heads to from Mammoth Grinder. "Obsessed with Death" grinds out a lovely jagged d-beat assault, as Ulsh's echoing, demonic vocals roar above the equally harsh music. Flip this sucker over, and you'll be treated to a well executed cover of Venom's "Welcome to Hell." Recorded in all of its raw, offensive glory, Mammoth Grinder recreates the song pretty well, accentuated with black metal flairs and stripped down distortion.

Check out the download below to ensure your ears are properly deafened, and pick up one of this Texas three piece's records if your into it. Their latest full length, Extinction of Humanity is sold out from the label as well, but you should be able to locate a copy in distros still. Have fun, kids.

Mammoth Grinder