Friday, November 5, 2010

Punch - Push Pull

It's been quite a while since I was legitimately excited about a female fronted hardcore band, especially one which maintains the particularly vicious edge which Punch portrays. It almost reminds me of a buzzsaw rehash of Ceremony (demo era), which in turn reminds me of early 80s Southern California powerviolence and grind. Perhaps I'm drawing some crazy conclusions here, but either way, Punch is smashing face-first into the genre.

Each of their records seems to build upon the last, while honing a razor sharp edge with plenty of abrasive vocals and thrilling guitar riffs. Skipping past repetitive breakdowns and delivering straightforward fast, sludging hardcore, Punch is putting an axe right through the pop-punkcore segment of the musical scene. Check out the download for their now sold out LP, Push Pull, which features 13 songs of aggressive, pissed off fury. If you're feeling it as much as I am, hit up the webstore and SUPPORT the band. 

Punch Webstore