Monday, February 15, 2010

Bane - 6:58 Boston EP

What an incredible concept for a record these guys came up with this time. This EP is the final result of coordination between 7 photographers, 6 countries, and 5 record labels. At one precise moment in time, photographers snapped pictures in different locations from around the world in Boston, LA, Curitiba, Dublin, Rome, Tokyo, and Perth. Each record has the same 3 tracks on it, but different covers and limited vinyl pressings, while some are CDEPs. It also makes the EP incredibly accessible across the world, sparing fans the expensive costs of buying foreign albums and paying for international shipping costs. Finally, not only is the idea awesome, but the music is great, reminding me of older Bane records.

The record explodes into action with the first track, "The Bold and the Beautiful," with a roaring drum roll breaking into booming gang vocals. Bane keeps the pace up throughout the song, returning to the sounds found on Give Blood rather than their previous full length, The Note. I've always loved this band, but after struggling to find the same quality in the last LP, Boston is a breath of fresh air to me. About 1:30 into the song, the band rips into a classic two-step tempoed riff as gang vocals echo "Live, learn, rise, fall, point, squeeze!" It feels so rare to me for recent bands to have such an energetic moment so early in a record, and Bane hits the nail on the head with this one.

The middle track, "One Life to Live" is a classic fast paced hardcore song, again reminiscent of older Bane material. Listening to this band for years, it seems they have a habit of ending records in an epic, long-winded manner, a la "Ali vs Frazier" or "Swan Song." The final piece to the EP "The Young and the Restless" fits into this mold, building towards a fantastic 3 minute finish.

Lyrically, the record sticks to Aaron Bedard's usual themes of perseverance, strong wills, and surviving anything life can throw at us. I've always found his words to be a form of inspiration and motivation, constantly staying positive despite the adversity life can bring. After over 10 years in the scene, Bane proves they're still capable of hard, fast, expressive music. Even if this was only 3 songs, it builds my hunger for more material, and I can't wait to hear what's next from these hardcore pioneers.