Monday, February 22, 2010

New Preorders/Releases to Get Psyched On

There's been a slew of demos and new artists popping up in the hardcore scene, with a pile of exciting new material slated for release soon. Some of this is already out or up for preorder, but I've been struggling almost daily to decide what to spend my hard earned cash on. I only wish I was able to buy everything and support all the up and comers, but here's some of the latest vocal chord shredding and guitar smashing records available.

Mountain Man - One: I swear the first time I heard this demo I felt like throwing my laptop into the wall. Fast, heavy, aggressive as hell hardcore from Worcester, MA that reminds me of a mix between bands like American Nightmare and Internal Affairs. Their sound also seems to fit in well with many of their contemporaries in the Boston area. The only thing I'm not excited about is the annoying 10" format, which never seems to fit in anywhere. The record is for sale through Mightier Than Sword records on three colors with a limited shirt and poster also available. If you're in the dark on this one, the demo is available for download on their Myspace profile, and they'll be tearing up some venues in the Northeast soon.

Get the Most - Together: After a demo and two EPs, Get the Most is finally releasing their debut full length. Offering a fast, energetic throwback to late 80s style youth crew straightedge hardcore, the band has grown quite a following since forming in 2005. Preorders actually just started today on React! Records, available on 3 different colors, with a couple great looking four-sided longsleeves. This label has been on fire lately, so I'm not expecting anything less than great from this band's first LP.

Expire - Grim Rhythm: More explosive Midwest hardcore hailing from Wisconsin; these guys are releasing their debut EP on Hellfish Records. There's been a great influx of bands hailing from the Midwest playing a brand of straightforward, honest music, and I can't wait to hear more. The vocals also remind me a little of Modern Life is War during their first EP; unpolished and raw. Their demo is also available for download on their Myspace, and the EP is still available on two colors (preorder packages are sold out already).

Fire & Ice - Grim: A fun, NYHC and rock-influenced band from the ever growing Richmond, VA scene. Triple B Records will be putting out their second EP, although there isn't a date set on this one. Gods and Devils was a good effort, and I'm confident these guys will crank it up a notch on their upcoming record. It also looks like there should be three different vinyl colors once this drops.

Raw Nerve - LP: Like taking a baseball bat to your turntable, this blazing fast Chicago hardcore act are set to blow up with their upcoming LP on Youth Attack Records. No specific release date is available but there's been a couple vague updates on the YA website stating it should be out sometime in March (at press now). After a fairly popular demo and EP, people should look forward to another vicious, blistering effort from Raw Nerve. I'd recommend frequenting the YA website often if you expect to get a copy, as many of their releases tend to be very limited, selling out in a day or less sometimes.

The Rival Mob - Hardcore for Hardcore: Mob rules all! I seriously cannot wait for this one, and this band is catching on all over the country. This should be a great release on Six Feet Under Records, hopefully with some stellar vinyl colors and packaging. The Rival Mob has a gritty, raw style and demeanor that reminds me of the old school, no frills hardcore bands of the past. If you've been under a rock recently, go pick up a copy of Raw Life from Lockin Out to keep yourself entertained in the meantime, otherwise be sure to catch them in Philly or at United Blood if you're in the area.

Now that everyone's overdrawn their bank account, get back to work so you can afford more amazing releases. These are just a handful of what's coming right now, and I'll be anxiously waiting like a cat in heat for more.