Friday, February 26, 2010

Fired Up - Doomed to Repeat

First off, I have to admit my love for this band right off the bat. Although I'm not a huge fan of posthumous releases, this record still does it for me. However, there's something slightly disappointing about it due to us being robbed of the experience of hearing these songs played live, which is really what the essence of hardcore is all about. But if you were into When the Lights Go Out, then this is definite mandatory pick up for your vinyl collection.

This EP basically picks up where the last one left off, fast and aggressive but highly positive in nature. Listening to these guys reminds me of Champion, which reminds me of Carry On, which reminds me of In My Eyes, which reminds me of Ten Yard Fight; you get the idea. While sometimes they can be a touch repetitive, at least the sound they're emulating is something most people are constantly craving. While so many bands are leaning towards metal, or falling in line with the dozens upon dozens of NYHC clones, its refreshing to hear fast-paced youth crew styled hardcore once in a while.

Something else that struck me on Doomed to Repeat is the length. There's been way too many bands putting out EPs with 2 or 3 songs on them, as well as LPs with only 9 or 10. This works out fine for other genres, but for hardcore bands with songs that are anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long, I can't help but feel a little cheated. Doomed to Repeat is still a fast, to-the-point record, but with 7 songs, you can really develop a sense of what Fired Up is about.

The title track immediately lights the fuse on this EP, starting up a pace that doesn't seem to stop throughout the entire record. Overall, the sound relies more on their aggressive tempo, and less on breakdowns or heavy guitar riffage. Positive beliefs and words are strewn all over the record, jumping from missed opportunities and everyday pressures to the endless struggle to simply find a better way to live and exist. This one won't fall short, especially if their last release had your turntable cranked up.

**This actually came out in October but due to delays with the Carry On LP that was up for preorder at the same time, many people didn't receive theirs until about a month ago or so. RevHQ still has copies available, along with other Youngblood releases. Also, if someone has the Youngblood Showcase press of this record, I'd be glad to take it off your hands!

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