Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sacred Love - Demo

Back in March I posted a review on some of Sacred Love's debut material, but without any downloads. They put out 75 copies of their demo with a live set as the B side recently, which sold pretty swiftly as word is beginning to spread further about these hard hitting Baltimore newcomers.

Drawing from classic influences such as Cro-Mags and Bad Brains, Sacred Love tap into an old school, straight up hardcore style while adding in their own musical flair. The combination of textbook and unusual rhythms keep the listener fresh, without droning on much in any particular direction. Each of the four songs serves up some classic hardcore tendencies layered with driving, mid-tempo beats, and aggressive vocals while clocking in around eight minutes long. "Weighed Down" takes the cake for me as the favorite, with a floor rumbling breakdown and barking vocals about midway through.

These are already sold out, but check out their blog for further updates on shows and releases. Sacred Love was signed to the stellar Youngblood Records, and an official release is already recorded and slated for release during the upcoming Youngblood Showcase event. Check it out.

Sacred Love
Youngblood Records