Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Impalers - Demo

I picked up this beast at a recent Mammoth Grinder show over the summer; a spankin' new demo from a Texas duo. Featuring an obvious member from MG and another recruit from Hatred Surge (YES), they deliver five thumping, precisely chaotic tracks which almost sound too good to be a demo. Green pro tapes, color printed j-cards, limited to 100, sold out. You know it.

Start off with some intense d-beat influences ranging everywhere from Discharge to Disclose, and add in some old school metal from across Europe like Motorhead, and you've brought The Impalers' foundation into focus. Crashing percussion, rip roaring guitars, and devilish vocals set up a complete sonic assault on the senses, leaving everyone pleasantly weary.

Each song builds a steely wall of sound, brick by brick, cementing The Impalers' aggressive sound and raw tendencies. Some are laced with searing solos, such as "Rabid Transgressors," while "Turn Me Loose" is near perfect d-beat worship banged out at max volume. However, one of the aspects which allows this demo to be great is their ability to refrain from the complete redundancy which seems to ruin somewhat similar bands while boring people to death. Unfortunately, the tape doesn't come with lyrics, but it's Ulsh, so that should give a pretty easy clue where this might be headed.

The initial run sold out on tour, but there should be another press available soon from Nuclear Solution. Check out the blog below for further updates, and if you're in the Texas, check out their debut show on 9/25 at Beerland during the Vaaska record release. Trust me, this is absolutely worth your while.

Nuclear Solutions Records