Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Walls - Tour EP

Feast your eyes on the most recent release from Seattle's Walls. Comprised of members from Cold Sweat and Iron Lung, their latest EP was sold during a stint throughout the West coast back in May (which I wanted to upload about two months ago but this was unfortunately lost in the fray for a bit). Aggressive, unsettling, but surprisingly satisfying, this reveals itself in the form of sleek black vinyl with unmarked black labels and a silkscreened cover with the lyrics on the back.

This is a quick burst for sure, containing two new tracks and a rip roaring cover of Die Kreuzen's "Live Wire."  Clocking in at just under six minutes in length, you've been left behind before any true sense of the band's crushingly diabolical formula completely sets in, which is probably my only complaint.

"Stare at the Walls" begins the musical terror with rolling percussion and a building rhythm section which threatens to completely explode before winding down during the final few seconds. Everything is pleasantly fuzzy and abrasive, fitting perfectly with the unsettling, harsh vocal tones. "Healthy Communication" features a repetitious, grinding, distorted bass line, which gives way to an avalanche of shrieking guitars, feedback, and crash cymbals before moving seamlessly into the Die Kreuzen cover.

Definitely snatch this up and throw it on repeat for a few times to establish as much as a feel for Walls as you possibly can. I'd love more, but then again it seems like that with plenty of releases lately, but I suppose we can all just hope there's a new LP at some point. I'd yell at everyone to buy it, but these were almost all sold on tour, and any copies which surfaced in webstores disappeared instantly. Sink your teeth in.

Iron Lung Records