Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aerosols LP + Bonus 7"

So where do I really start with Youth Attack Records and the latest Aerosols release? This was officially released a while ago, but due to the insane hype and demand over new YA pressings, I wasn't able to buy a copy until the second press was put up last month, and even that sold out the same day. Known for their intricate and stylish packaging, Mark McCoy put together something awesome for Western Massachusetts' Aerosols.

Limited to 500 copies on gray and black mixed vinyl, the release contains a full LP along with a bonus single sided EP, just in case your cravings weren't quite satisfied. The inner jacket has photo corners on the front, meant to hold the bonus wax as if it were a picture, which is a pretty original idea. However, due to shipping and transport, many people's photo corners ripped or came off while taking out the LP. The backsides of both inner sleeves have pictures of the band, along with the lyrics written out in lavish script. Definitely a winner on packaging, even with the photo corners breaking. The only other item I miss is a digital download, but this is YA, not Deathwish Inc.

The record immediately picks up where the first three EPs left off. Fast, smashing, rip-roaring hardcore that shreds the needle right off your turntable. The insanely fast drumming and guitar riffs create a wall of distorted sound that seems to blur its way through the record. Aerosols treads a fine line between crossing into the inaudible and just rough enough to reach the sound they appear to be aiming for. Most of the songs border a near out of control pace, while some slow down at points, such as "Presidential Pardon" or "Settle for Hell."

Vocally, the LP is abrasive and pissed off, screaming through the speakers amongst distortion, feedback, and pounding percussion. If your into this type of style, its actually done pretty well, especially for this genre of music. The lyrics rage on about the political system, ugly American pride, religion, drug abuse, our inevitable death, and other related topics.

Musical ADD is the last thing people will experience with this record, as the whole LP clocks in just a shade under 10 1/2 minutes, with the longest song being a mere one minute and thirty-seven seconds. Just in case this didn't quench your thirst for teeth grinding hardcore, the bonus EP adds in an extra 5 songs at just over 2 minutes.

If you're looking for the next youth crew or bro mosh record, stay far away from this. But if you're into fast, blasting hardcore that shows no mercy for anything, your already late on buying this. Hell, even if this isn't the usual record you'd pick up, it's still worth a listen. The second pressing is still available on Interpunk, but it probably won't last long before you'll be stuck scouring eBay for a copy.

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