Friday, March 26, 2010

Boiling Over - Barriers

More raging, roaring hardcore played at varying speeds for your listening pleasure, coming straight out of Chicago, Illinois. The waves of awesome bands coming out of this region of the country is nearing mind boggling proportions, as each one almost seems better than the last one I heard. Unfortunately for us though, Boiling Over will be playing their final show on April 1st, coinciding with their last release, Barriers.

I've been trying to decide exactly who Boiling Over sounds like for some time, and finally landed on some of the older X-Claim bands, but with the speed and intensity ratcheted up a bit. Also, I get a nice smacking taste of Tear it Up at certain points, especially during the closing track "On the Fringe." They also fit in nicely with some of their contemporaries, such as Poison Planet or RazorXFade, but still have their own flair to keep people coming back.

Barriers goes by pretty quickly, clocking in at just over 7 minutes of unapologetic hardcore fury. The opening song "Pushed to Death" sets the tone perfectly, with blazing guitars that emit ferocious feedback every time they halt, as chunky bass lines continue to hold the beat together. The lyrics dabble in the shadows of negativity, ranging from suburban wastelands, drug abuse, depression, and ugly cultural traditions. Fast, relentless riffs with howling vocals, leading up to the inevitable closing breakdown puts a great cap on this five song finale for Boiling Over.

The EP will be available in cassette form at the band's final shows, along with a 7" vinyl edition limited to 150 copies. Lifeline Records will also have any leftovers up for grabs on their website if everything isn't sold out this week.

Boiling Over Myspace
Lifeline Records