Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mindset - Time & Pressure

Following the well received EP, Real Power, Mindset is releasing their second 7" wax effort on React Records. Representing the straightedge Maryland hardcore scene, Mindset lays down another installment of well put together, inspiring, positive tunes. With the record release show slated for March 28th in Baltimore, an upcoming tour with True Colors, and colored vinyl of Time & Pressure already sold out, Mindset is getting ready to explode.

Loaded with influences from all across the fast, posi-core spectrum, Mindset borrows from bands ranging anywhere from The First Step to Floorpunch to Betrayed, and puts their own charged spin on it. While most of their songs on this record are based on traditional fast drum beats, they manage to vary tempos enough to keep things interesting enough so you don't feel like the EP is just one blur of power chords. Time & Pressure is another one of those records where as soon as it kicks off, you can already see the stage dives launching as the gang vocals boom, "Hear me now!"

Mindset takes on some great lyrical topics again on their sophomore EP. Reading some thoughts and opinions from people who seem genuinely interested in our world and the horrendous things happening is incredibly refreshing, especially since there's a lack of this in hardcore lately. By all means, write about straightedge or friendship or whatever other personal junk you want, but we need more bands like this in the larger hardcore community. Obviously there's politically motivated bands around, but people need an accessible outlet that doesn't necessarily involve going to house shows in the ghettos of West Philly or sending money orders to labels that never respond and take 3 months to mail out a 7" (even though I support this 100% too).

"Create/Control" starts off with illusions of power and grandeur, spurned on by festering envy and greed. "Waste" takes everything a step further, challenging people and politicians to do more than make false promises and actually follow through with something positive. These themes continue, reaching the pinnacle during the final track "Witness." As the final lines are laid down, the vocals yell "When we close our eyes we close our fists/Our blindness ensures that oppression exists/Blind Eye/Blind Witness."

Time & Pressure is a fairly easy record to enjoy, especially if you're into any of React's other releases, or straightforward, uptempo hardcore. Inspired, thoughtful lyrics, and entertaining song structure that plays out fantastic during their live shows makes Mindset the real deal. The upcoming tour isn't hitting the tri-state area which sucks for me, but check out the dates to see if you're luckier than I am. This record and their first EP, Real Power are both still available from React.