Monday, March 22, 2010

Sacred Love - Love Songs

Brand new hardcore from Baltimore featuring current and ex members of Mindset, Brick, and Blind the Thief; how could it go wrong, right? Recently created with five guys from the Maryland scene, Sacred Love just put together their debut EP, Love Songs. Drawing obvious influence from Bad Brains and old time D.C. hardcore, Sacred Love could be the beginning of something great.

Love Songs is a brief, yet fierce EP, giving a glimpse of what this band could be capable of. Four songs weighing in at a manageable eight minutes gives just enough to get a taste of their sound, yet leaving the palate thirsty for a bit more. Immediately recognizable is the up-front, honest Bad Brains tribute, mixed in with other Dischord-era hardcore bands. Sacred Love also reminds me of other contemporary acts such as Soul Control or Lion of Judah, fitting into their vein of hardcore rather nicely, but with a faster, heavier edge.

"Piece of Mind" gets the record ripping, picking up at a medium-tempo pace complete with guitar solos and shouting vocals. Midway through, the track breaks down slowly, with feedback and sloshing hi-hats leading into the finish as the vocals cry "Will this ever end?!" This creates the blueprint for the other three songs, each using multiple tempos, including thunderous breakdowns; my favorite hitting during "Weighed Down."

Sacred Love finds a way to draw from older influences, but keep a youthful vibe going while blasting through their first EP. When I first heard the record, it took about four or five listens to grasp their different nuances, but each time around I find something else I like about this band. As of right now, there aren't copies available for purchase, but Love Songs can be streamed for free on their Myspace page. Hopefully there will be a vinyl pressing of their material soon so I can add these guys to my collection. They'll also be playing Mindset's record release show at Charm City Artspace in Baltimore if you're lucky enough to be in the area.

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