Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Assorted Thoughts on This is Hardcore 5

So another weekend festival in Philadelphia came to a close on Sunday night, much to my body's delight. The varied lineup seemed to do everything from exhume New York and Philly bands long since deceased, to invoke some of most obnoxious moshing I've seen in a while. TIHC5 brought together a plethora of hardcore facets, offering up a little something for nearly everybody over a three day span with a 50 band roster.

Instead of writing up some gigantic review on the hours upon hours of music, the great people, awesome food, and other random experiences, here are some casual/candid/random observations and thoughts on the weekend. I'm not about to bash on bands I found awful, because no one cares anyway, and since I only missed about 4 or 5 bands all weekend, there's more than enough positive things to talk about.

- Early check-in was a great idea. Last year I missed a bunch of bands on Friday trying to get my wristband, so while I still was standing in lines for over an hour and a half, I was just happy not to lose out on anything I wanted to see.
- The relatively more temperate weather was a massive relief, especially compared to 2009 when it was something like 95+ degrees everyday.
- Wilkes-Barre and surrounding towns really showed up huge for this fest on every single night. Agitator, Stick Together, Mother of Mercy, and other bands pulled off some serious high octane performances.
- Burritos Y Tacos is the deal.
- August in a city in the Northeast apparently still isn't a deterrent enough to keep people from wearing longsleeves, crewnecks, wool beanies, sweatpants, stockings, and jackets.
- I still love Bane, and probably always will; they put on a pretty trademark set loaded with plenty of my favorites, huge singalongs, and crazy stagedives.
- Bands like Expire and Creatures deserve some more credit, check these guys out now if you haven't already.
- Horror Show, while it wasn't the tightest set in the world, was still amazing. I love and miss this band.
- Ceremony's set was surprisingly entertaining, as I wasn't really sure what to expect after their latest album was released.
- Foundation, Backtrack, Mindset, and Mother of Mercy all delivered sets pretty worthy of the hype they receive lately.
- Nails, Vaccine, Ringworm, and Pulling Teeth all killed it.
- Trying to buy The Rival Mob shirts was hilarious.
- Eddie Leeway's new band Truth and Rights is pretty good. Their cover of "Rise and Fall" was even better.
- Nearly all of the older bands which came back were really impressive. Sheer Terror will probably be playing more occasional shows (no touring) and possibly even record more music. Hands Tied is not a reunion, they are officially a band again. Ink and Dagger was weird and unsettling, but exciting to watch. Cro-Mags...well, it's the Cro-Mags, I don't need to elaborate.
- It was awesome to see so many people donating to help benefit the family of the child cancer patient (I forget the name, sorry).
- Eating a cheese steak at 330 a.m. is almost always a poor choice.

Thanks to Joe, R5 Productions, all the bands, and everyone involved with making this another great year. I'll be back again in 2011.