Thursday, August 12, 2010

This is Hardcore 5

Yes, it sold out insanely fast. Yes, some people are bashing this fest and dropping all sorts of random criticism about organization, tickets, and band choices. Who cares? The current scene is awesome enough to give us Sound and Fury, TIH, Chaos in Tejas, and all the other great fests out there, ensuring nearly everyone can find the right one for their personal tastes. My only reservation about this year's TIH (after going every year) is so many people missing out on tickets, but The Starlight Ballroom is an ideal venue which hopefully won't ever change as long as this event exists. 

We already know about the major acts, including Sheer Terror, Ink & Dagger, Kid Dynamite, Cro-Mags, Horror Show, and Merauder, but there's plenty of smaller groups, as well as some visitors from the West coast who bear watching as well. Vaccine was a late addition after New Lows was supposedly cut, taking the stage earlier on Sunday; I'm pretty interested to see the reaction, DO NOT miss them. 

West coast bands include Creatures, Nails, The Love Below, Xibalba, Touche Amore, Ceremony, and more. The Midwest is represented by bands such as Expire, The Killer, and the mighty Ringworm. Wilkes-Barre is in the house with everyone from Agitator to Title Fight. TIH, once again, boasts a huge roster with bands from all over the country, representing their particular brands of hardcore from each unique corner of the country. 

My personal picks: Horror Show, Vaccine, The Rival Mob, Mindset, Nails, Stick Together, Expire, and Hands Tied. 

Club Polaris (The Starlight Ballroom)
460 N. 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Friday - Check in at 3:30 to avoid lines and get your wristband. Doors @ 5:30 - First band at 6

Saturday - Doors @ 11:30 - First band at Noon

Sunday - Doors @ 11:30 - First band at Noon