Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mind Eraser/Slang - Split

I've been having some weird technical problems with my turntable setup lately, causing records to inexplicably play through one channel only, which has caused the delay in posting a nice crop of new EPs I bought recently. It seems to be resolved, allowing me to toss up this delicious little nugget from 540 Records. Two new blasts from Boston's crushing Mind Eraser, and one searing hot track from Japan's hardcore punk masters, Slang. Sweet cover art and thick black wax are the housing for this quick, yet deliciously brutal split EP.

Mind Eraser pump out two songs in recognizable fashion, with roaring vocals and devastatingly low, gritty music serving as the backdrop for DFJ's insatiable howls. "Prime" kicks things off at breakneck speed, before collapsing into a familiarly evil breakdown with CC's thumping guitar rhythms carrying out the track's bleak fate. Wrapping up with the whirlwind of noise and chaos that is "Crushing in My Dreams," the side ends almost as abruptly as it began, leaving me pining for more.

Slang's side is riddled with lovely d-beat worship, surrounded by pounding guitars and percussion, paired with simplistic, yet harshly truthful lyrics. Barely over one minute in length, "Drug Society" races its way through, closing in one final gasp of power chords and crashing cymbals. By the time you flip the EP, close the turntable lid, and sit back down, the side is over.

Three great songs here from two heavy duty bands, but this thing is just way too short. Especially with Slang only contributing one song, it's almost ridiculously quick, resulting in a drummed up appetite for more, with nothing else to be found. However, the cover art is pretty wild, and the songs are a great glimpse into each band's particular style, which makes this an easy choice to pick up. Check out the download and buy it from Painkiller Records, along with one of their amazing new releases. You can't miss.

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