Friday, August 6, 2010

Sorry Excuse - Listen with Prejudice

Kansas City hardcore in your face! After a pretty successful, sold out(?) demo in 2008, they dropped a new EP while on tour with RazorXFade and Kicked In, available on black wax or cassette tape. Being the fan of outdated, nearly obsolete technology that I am, I opted for the tape. Black shells, copied, numbered inserts, and lyric sheets wrap up the packaging here.

Sorry Excuse fit snugly into the trend of Midwestern hardcore which is sprouting up like dandelions in a garden. This KC four piece isn't quite as ambiguous as Raw Nerve, or as chaotic as Picked Clean, and fall somewhere smack in the middle of the current swarm of Midwest bands. Some clear cut SSD and Negative Approach influences kick everything off, with blazing fast riffs separated by intermittent mid-tempo breaks, and side to side basement show jams.

Eight songs in less than five minutes. Beginning with the nine second anthem "MWP," and culminating with the 22 second "Grow Up," Sorry Excuse only allow a couple moments of piercing feedback in between songs, ripping through Listen with Prejudice as fast as possible. At times, it's nearly impossible to follow along with the lyrics, as Antonio seems to slash through the verses at superhuman speeds.

At 66 seconds, "Divide" is the longest track of them all, containing a mini sample size of nearly everything Sorry Excuse has to offer. Smashing fast riffs slowly grind into a stomping chorus (a chorus in hardcore, what?) and gang vocals chanting "Divide!!" before screeching to a halt. Textbook style on this one.

The Midwest continues to pump out quality groups, and Sorry Excuse is yet another to add to the ever growing list of bands you might be forgetting to check out. Some of the borderline reactionary straightedge lyrics were a slight turnoff for me, but that's up for everyone to decide for themselves. If you're into the download BUY THIS. They somehow still have copies of the 7" version for $4 and the tape for $2, which is amazingly cheap. Both are limited to 100 so don't miss out. 

Sorry Excuse
Third Party Records