Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Capitalist Casualties/Verbal Abuse @ Kung Fu Necktie 5/21

So when I first heard about this tour I nearly fell out of my chair. Yes, really. This band brings me back to high school, when I really started delving deep into punk, crust, and all sorts of heavier music. I remember blasting Disassemble Line at obnoxious volumes, while struggling to decode the vocals and somehow manage to keep up while reading the lyrics. Absolutely essential, classic aggressive west coast music. One of the older powerviolence bands that even the most pretentious fans of the genre won't argue over.

Kung Fu Necktie is a pretty decent spot, small and tight, but enough room to hang out, along with a full bar. Lots of dudes with dreads and patched up clothes, swilling Pabst, Schlitz, or some other cheapo motor oil type beer. The lovely aroma of old beer mixing with dude sweat really opens the nostrils. You get the picture. The sound system is quality too, so my ears were effectively shred before the night's end by the thundering, relentless sound of the Capitalist Casualties.
I was slightly apprehensive about the show, especially since reunion tours with bands comprised of 40-year-old members can sometimes be inconsistent. The west coast four piece silenced the naysayers with a blistering set, packed with classics and 30 second ragers. Before each song, the bass player would inaudibly say the song title, immediately followed by deafening powerviolence fury. Easily an absolutely stellar performance by a band I never had the privilege of experiencing when I was younger.

Ah, Verbal Abuse. San Francisco hardcore punk from the 80's which has somehow managed to reform and continually play shows over the past few years. These guys definitely looked like they'd seen better days, but the sound they created was still fairly impressive. Although not without some mistakes and hiccups, they put together a nice set, but definitely not as tight as CC.

Philadelphia has attracted some pretty amazing shows this spring and summer seasons, and this was certainly no exception. I left weary, buzzed, and elated after seeing an iconic group I never expected to experience, and even more satisfied by their well honed manic, grinding sound. I also snagged their new split 7" which came with the newest issue of Short, Fast, and Loud; a highly worthwhile read. Check it. Maybe a rip coming soon?

Capitalist Casualties
Verbal Abuse
Kung Fu Necktie