Friday, May 21, 2010

New Lows - Paincave Sessions Vol. 1

This was released a while ago by Painkiller Records in anticipation of New Lows full length LP debut on Deathwish Inc., due out sometime this year. After a roaring demo and raging EP, the Boston area hardcore five piece put together Paincave Sessions Vol. 1, which continues in the same vein as their previous releases. Red pro tapes, slick j-cards on textured paper and a digital download are all included in the press out of 300 copies, which is somehow still available.

A grueling, devilish intro track gets things started, with slow, deliberate guitar riffs which seem to sink into the depths of New Lows' dark vibe. Immediately cracking open the first song "Born and Razed," they brood along at mid-tempo, with PBoy's recognizable screams leading the way. Hacking through the cassette like a machete through the jungle, New Lows moves right into the next new song, "Plague Grounds." Chugging, heavy riffs compel you to bang your head as hard as possible as they continue to impress with each and every release.

The reworked "Compulsive Repulsion," which concluded the EP on Lockin Out Records, sounds meaner than ever, re-recorded in all its pissed off, distorted glory. As if this weren't enough, they spin off a nice rendition of the Jerry's Kids classic, "Raise the Curtain," complete with echoing vocals during the chorus which take me right back to their 1983 classic, Is This My World?

As if I needed another reason to get stoked on New Lows upcoming LP, Paincave Sessions is the icing on the cake. Brand new material, a redone track, and an awesome cover by one of my favorite Boston bands of all time. It's $4 people, what are you waiting for? While your at it, pick up some other Painkiller releases, as nearly every one belongs in a hardcore punk collection.

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