Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gypsy Spit - Demo

Spanking fresh new music! Bordering on the insane, right down to their name, Gypsy Spit delivers raging noisy hardcore with plenty of old school powerviolence influences. Just under five minutes of string breaking, drumstick snapping music, which is spent mostly on the first three songs, culminating with the 19 second long "I Like Food (Veg.)" If this initial demo is any indication, there's some eyebrow raising potential coming from this four piece bundle of noise.

Low pitched, nearly guttural vocals, paired with fairly brutal guitar riffage announces Gypsy Spit's persona within the first 15 seconds of the opening track, "Keep Clear."  After about 25 seconds of opening mania, they finally come up for air with a brooding breakdown riff, allowing each chord to ring out while the drums keep a slow pace.

Vaulting right back into their beginning form, "Controlled Extinction" ignites with more speedy drumming, leading into a slower chord-smashing interlude that fills the gap before launching into a car accident-like ending. "Fucked Lives" pounds along, with heavy guitar tone which surprisingly turns eerily grating midway through the track. Just before you think the demo comes to a close, Gypsy Spit punches you in the mouth one more time with a cover of The Descendents' "I Like Food (Veg)" which whizzes past your ears as quickly as it starts.

Definitely take a few minutes to check these guys out, as the demo is available for free on their MySpace page to download. Is it groundbreaking music, stylistically speaking? Well, no, not really. But this is a decent demo, especially within a genre that tends to have recording quality reminiscent of the 1920's or just become ridiculously repetitious. There's also a tour in the works for September, so give Gypsy Spit a try if they happen to be coming through your area.

Gypsy Spit Myspace