Monday, May 17, 2010

Neurons and Guinea Kid Split Tape

I'm sure there's someone out there who could probably prove me wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen a tape cover done with a screened cloth patch. Not only is the patch awesome, but it snaps shut, securely wrapping up all of the little goodies inside, making for one hell of a package. Yellow tapes with stickered labels, photocopied lyric sheets, a photo cover, and a cloth patch for $3 ppd? Really?

Featuring Chicago hardcore act Neurons and their Northwest neighbors in Indiana, Guinea Kid, each group contributes three songs to this Devo-themed split release. Neurons kicks things off with fuzzy, distorted cover of "Devo Corporate Anthem," an instrumental 80s style intro track. If you're not into Devo, have no fear, as they break up the covers with an spanking new song, "Toy Monkeys," beaming with the usual screaming vocals and raging hardcore distortion we've come to know and enjoy from Neurons. They finish off their side of the Devo worshiping mess with an entertaining cover of "Penetration in the Centerfold," which stays fairly true to form, just without the old school electro-drum effects.

Snotty, sloppy, yet delightfully pissed, Guinea Kid blasts into their side with the 33 second "Motorhead Jerk," which might actually be my favorite pick for the tape. Not to be excluded from the Devo party, they deliver a ramped up, hyper version of 1976's "Mongoloid." With the distortion blaring and drumming rolling at double-time speed, you almost might not even recognize its resemblance to the original, which could work positively or negatively depending on your opinion of Devo. Guinea Kid lets the guillotine drop during the final track, "Burn," with heart-wrenching chord changes and enraged vocals, leaving you dazed and satisfied.

Whether your into Devo or not, there's some pretty unique things happening on this tape, and for the price it's impossible to argue with the value here. Contact the bands to see if they still have copies, or scoop one at a show if you're in the area. There's three different patch colors, each limited to 33, so it won't last long. This is the rip directly from the band, so it's is as good as it gets as far as sound quality goes. Download, bang your head, and go steal your dad's Devo records afterward to see what you've been missing.

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