Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vile Gash - 7" EP

Alright, so here we go again. Another well packaged, rip roaring release from Brooklyn's Youth Attack Records featuring 10 short bursts of pissed, down in the dumps hardcore. Columbus, Ohio's Vile Gash released three different demos of sorts before this, with many of the tracks being redone and re-recorded for their vinyl debut. Thick black wax, black and white printed inner and outer sleeves, wrapped up in the ever popular resealable poly bag, topped off with a quaint black Vile Gash sticker complete the packaging.

Raw, stripped down, and fast paced, Vile Gash pull off 10 songs in just over 7 minutes, partially thanks to the final track, "Incapable" lasting just over 2 minutes. Low, fuzzy bass tones match well with the grinding, fast guitar, backing the abrasive vocal style which spews venom all over the listener. I could rattle off about 15 bands they remind me of, but essentially it all comes down to some serious d-beat worship, just with some slight variations and shorter song length. Being a lifelong Discharge fan, this instantly appeals to me, but at the same time its not quite anything fresh or exciting.

Rash, violent, and chock full of disdain and hatred, the lyrics are brief and to the point, wasting absolutely no time, similar to the musical style. "Monotonous, stagnant, devoid of though/Each day is shit/Your life rots" repeated three times over takes care of the first 42 second track, and you can pretty much imagine where the rest of the record is headed from there. Depressed, hateful, and performed in a raw, honest fashion, Vile Gash is another soundtrack to further your nihilistic, negative point of view, if so inclined.

Neither shocking musically or lyrically, this is a decent EP which easily appeals to fans of the genre, but probably wouldn't make it too far outside of the slim scope of dark, dreary, fast hardcore. Fast rhythms and plenty of old school punk rock and hardcore influences are prevalent, which can either enhance the experience or bore you, depending on musical preferences. The record of course sold out weeks ago in about six minutes from YA, but there's a repress available on red wax from Deathwish Inc. (no, that's not a joke.) I'd imagine the band might have copies too, as well as some other random distros. Lyrics are included with the rip so you won't miss out on any of the fun. SUPPORT HARDCORE.

Youth Attack Records
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