Friday, April 16, 2010

Defile - Demo 2010

Yes, it's more Chicago hardcore. More mind numbing, ear splitting, stereo smashing music from the Midwest; another soundtrack to crash your car to. Another opportunity to annoy your friends and turn girls off, while simultaneously falling down the stairs after being stricken with vertigo from the crashing, sloshy seven song, three and a half minute demo by Defile. Pro tapes with black on black print splattered all over and J cards featuring the lyrics scrawled out in one big stream of consciousness mess.

Defile ratchets up the noise level on this demo a few notches, blasting through each song with complete abandon, as the raspy, snotty vocals shout over the band at an overhauled volume. You still can't actually understand most of what is being said, but they certainly wanted to make sure you at least heard the full seven songs of yelling, which culminates during "Swollen" with coughing and gagging as the whole thing comes to a nauseous end. The music follows suit in relatively simple fashion, staggering through each quick burst with distortion while the drums attempt to keep the madness stitched together.

For a demo, this definitely deserves some credit for being completely unapologetic and carefree in its raucous punk approach. Also, the abbreviated song length and rough recording style makes this tape a breeze to listen to, even if it isn't your cup of hardcore tea. At times, Defile musically reminds me of early 80's UK punk rock such as Discharge or Chaos UK, with a twist of earlier NYC bands like Urban Waste. I haven't been able to find out too much information on the band, other than someone from Raw Nerve sings, but hey, it wouldn't be "mysterious" then, right? Don't be fooled by previous Youth Attack distro updates, this is still available for consumption.

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