Friday, April 9, 2010

Raw Nerve - Live Tape

A live recording documenting the madness that is Raw Nerve's live performance. Raging guitars, pounding percussion, and roaring vocals put down at ear-splitting volume that barely manages to stay under the blown out level. Recorded live at the Legion of Doom in Columbus, Ohio on 10/02/2008; features stickered tapes in a vinyl case with art on both sides for those that care. If you've seen them before in person, this is a pretty accurate cross section of what your ears would experience.

Opening up with a popular favorite "Stay Staid," the set essentially mercilessly blazes on until abruptly coming to a quick end. Raw Nerve mixes it up with a decent assortment of older and new songs in an order conducive to receiving everything in a short, but sweet manner. I'd like to think the second half of the set was deliberately this well thought out and put together, with "Weeds" ending almost as quickly as it starts, then leading into the brooding, building "Crosses." Once the song bursts towards the end into a manic hardcore explosion, they plow through three more tracks with the force of a jackhammer, crashing to a halt with "Cold One."

The quality of the recording isn't half bad, especially considering some of the other noisy hardcore live tapes that are floating around these days. If you haven't been able to catch them in person, give it a try for sure. This is long sold out, blah blah, whatever, find a rip of it on a blog instead of wasting $25 on eBay. It shouldn't be too hard to find, there might even be a link on this blog...

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