Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Digital Onslaught

So I decided that instead of relying on other sites to do rips of OOP or sold out releases, I should start making more of my own again. I used to do this with vinyl a few years ago on an older computer, so it took awhile to get things set up with newer gear, but I'm working on a couple of my old favorite tapes. I'm going to attempt to make these as high quality as possible, but keep in mind that for many of the releases the initial recording job might sound like it was done in a sewer system with a $25 Radio Shack mic hanging from a wire. Not saying I don't love those all the same, but still.

Anything posted on here will most likely stay within the confines of defunct bands, or at least records and cassettes that aren't available for purchase. As always, if there's a problem with a link or something posted please contact me first and I'll fix or remove it immediately. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out the new Weekend Nachos song that was just posted on their MySpace. If this is any indication, their upcoming 12" EP will probably make your parents' house collapse in on itself.