Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pukeoid - Demo

So just yesterday I was going on about how it's nice to listen to records where bands are tight, well practiced, and obviously rehearsed. Then again, the imperfections and apathetic musical attitudes in some bands are what makes music unique. If you're looking for razor sharp, blisteringly complex hardcore, Pukeoid definitely isn't in your wheelhouse. However, if gut wrenching, sound splattering, noisy hardcore punk is your thing, this is the next demo that belongs in the tape deck for the next week or so. Packaging layout includes white pro tapes with blue print, plus j-cards and a lyric sheet with strange artwork and hand written words scratched out all over the place.

Barking vocals, sloshing guitar riffs and furious drumming blast at semi-maxed out levels throughout the duration of this demo, which stays on the rough, yet still listenable side. Pukeoid reminds me of older punk demos you might come across mistakenly at shows, only it's surprisingly decent. The quality can become a little bothersome at points but anyone who frequents hardcore demos or live tapes shouldn't have a problem with getting through this one. Eight songs clocking in at five and a half minutes isn't half bad either.

Lyrically, this is some pretty tormented content, filled with depression and anger that approaches the near suicidal level. Clay seems pushed to the fringe of sanity during "Suffocate" while screaming "Can't take this world/Pressure building up/I just want to suffocate." The next song, "Gimme Death" oddly reminds me of an old Blood for Blood track, even though Pukeoid doesn't really sound anything like them. The lyrics continue in similar fashion here with "Sick of living/It's always misery," and so on.

Pukeoid churned out a pretty vicious demo which assuredly announces their pissed off, enraged arrival onto the Indiana hardcore scene. Filled with plenty of "I don't care" and "enough is enough" attitude to ruin your day, this isn't the cure for those after work blues. There's some sloppy and repetitious qualities on the tape, but that's not always a negative thing, right? If you like the download PLEASE SUPPORT THE BAND and buy the demo from Not Normal. Seriously, its three bucks.

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