Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Much Worse - Proper Execute

Those familiar with the well known Fashionable Activism blog have probably been hearing about this release for a while now. After a couple expected delays and a cassette pre-release limited to 25, the first record on Pass Judgement records is finally ready for the world. Firey, raucous hardcore punk from Minneapolis, Much Worse deliver seven songs worth of fast rippers that grate upon your ears in an ever-so enjoyable manner. For packaging, this guy comes in a non-glossy cardstock sleeve with black and white art, hand stamped labels on both sides of the vinyl, and a numbered insert out of 300.

Immediately punching its way through your speakers, Proper Execute begins in an attention grabbing fashion, holding on tight as it works its way though itself during the 11 minute EP. The appropriately dubbed "Speed Intentions" rips through in old school punk rock fashion, as the band draws from influences ranging from DYS to Los Crudos. Right off the bat, I realized how well organized and rehearsed these guys are, far surpassing some of the other contemporary hardcore punk bands floating around these days. While there's still something to be said for careless, unapologetic, manic hardcore, it's still refreshing to hear bands who've obviously allowed themselves more than a week and a half to put their songs together.

Out of the seven songs presented on this slab of black wax, there's a number of highlights, from breakdowns to lightning quick drumming and chord progressions. I could go on and on through each song but if your head isn't banging during "Need New Sights" I'm not quite sure what else to say. Actually, the same goes for "Psycho Thrills" and "Token Entry," both of which should have you ready to punch the person in front of you at the next ill lit, dingy house show these dudes play.

It doesn't seem like this band has completely caught on yet, so now is the time to get wise and pick up a copy from Kevin at Pass Judgement. The 7" is also available from distros like Grave Mistake, Sorry State, and others if you want to combine orders from somewhere else. Check out a couple songs for free on their MySpace page, you won't be disappointed.

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