Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Down in Flames - 3 New Songs

Who else loved this band? One of the better, rip-roaring New Jersey hardcore acts from the early 2000s. Thinking back on these dudes reminds me of many once-upon-a-time VFW halls and Knights of Columbus venues that have long since been shut down. Actually, I wish I could remember where I picked up this tape, or what show it was from, although I'm sure it was an ear ringing, sweat dripping evening.

Three songs in two and a half minutes, raging through with powerful gang vocals which nearly give me goosebumps. If you live in New Jersey and never lost your mind while screaming "The one thing that I had/Has been taken away/Now I wish I was dead/I guess I know what it is to go down in flames!" you definitely missed out. Also, seems to be even more relevant now than it was in 2000 when the band recorded it. This is ripped at 320 kbps with the cover and lyrics included. Enjoy.

Download here