Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloodtype - Bringin' More Stuff Down

Raw style? Check. 80's straightedge hardcore influences? Check. Judge reference? Check. If you're not getting the picture here, Bloodtype is here to rage from your stereo with their latest tape, Bringin' More Stuff Down. A preview release of sorts; this includes two songs from their upcoming EP on Cowabunga Records, one from a split with INJ/SYS (Injustice System), and a Black Flag cover which is sure to disappoint My War B-side worshipers. Red pro tapes, fold out copied j-cards with lyrics, a sticker, and a button round out the package from Bleeding Edges.

Instead of trying to emulate the latest Have Heart or Champion project (thank god), Bloodtype pay assorted homage to the everlasting and important bands of the 80's, fusing fast hardcore with a raspy vocal style that reminds me a little of older Redemption 87. Fast paced, short lived 60 second bursts of furious hardcore lay waste to your stolen 1992 Walkman while Jeff screams in surprisingly audible fashion.

"Dropout" gets things rolling with blurring speed and rapid fire chord changes. Followed by "Not Here to Make Friends," Bloodtype keeps chugging along, treating your ears to a heavy, grooving breakdown to finish the song. An attack on the trivialities of organized religion concludes the original material, as the appropriately dubbed "Saved" blasts at an ideal mid-paced, head banging tempo. If you're as mind numbingly sick of hearing "Rise Above" covered by groups of wide-eyed 14-year-olds as I am, you'll be pleasantly refreshed by the cover of "Drinking and Driving." Although this "went over like a lead balloon" at their last show according to Jeff, so what do I know anyway?

If you were into the demo, Bringin' More Stuff Down is an easy follow up, giving a nice tease of the new material, and with substantially better recording quality. Look for the upcoming 7" from Cowabunga records, and check these dudes out at an undisclosed, dingy New Brunswick, NJ basement soon. There's also a cinder block hurling tour scheduled for the end of July with Tampa, FL ragers, INJ/SYS, so keep your eyes peeled. This is already sold out from Bleeding Edges, but copies should filter through some distros shortly to satisfy the low-fi cassette collecting enthusiasts. 

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