Sunday, June 20, 2010

Merchandise - EP

This was originally released a while ago, but considering there's a new LP in the works from these guys, it seems appropriate to post it now. From the ever elusive Cult Maternal group, and released by Drugged Conscience Records, Merchandise's tape EP is a versatile, experimental, adventurous take on indie rock and post punk. You could probably toss in a few other subjective genre names in there too if you'd like, just as long as you understand this isn't a Cult Ritual rehash. Fuzzy, distorted, and nerve-wracking at times, this has the potential to soothe and disturb listeners simultaneously.

Blue pro tapes with double sided silkscreen covers make this a visually appealing release, with quirky puke green and blue artwork that matches the cassette almost perfectly. Merchandise churn out 22 minutes worth of music here in five songs (there's six tracks but the first one is just 15 seconds of noise), which dials in at assorted frequencies all across the musical spectrum. Beginning with "I'm Still Right," the band lumbers on for around three minutes at a slow, deliberate pace, before unexpectedly exploding into fast, distorted riffs which completely take you by surprise. 

There's plenty of interesting things happening throughout this tape, which are far better explained by the musical experience than my random statements regurgitated through the medium of a keyboard. Moments of fuzzed out rock blur right into post-hardcore which disintegrates into something possibly less intelligent. Does that even make sense? I hope not. If you aren't already blissfully aware of this tape, please go buy it from Drugged Conscience. Or wait until it's on eBay. Someone wins either way.

Drugged Conscience Records
Cult Maternal