Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Floorpunch - Discography

I've been patiently waiting on this one for what feels like forever. Not because Six Feet Under Records takes too long to mail orders out, but because I literally couldn't wait to see how they pulled this one off. Yet again, another lavishly presented release from one of my favorite labels in contemporary hardcore.

Two sexy LPs in brilliant orange color with black and gray splatter and striping, containing timeless New Jersey classics which I've held near and dear for years. A gatefold sleeve with flyers and photos, along with interesting thoughts from some well-known hardcore lifers. The insert embellishes the point further with lyrics and even more writings from everyone including Robby Redcheeks to DFJ.

The discography takes you on a wild chronological ride of Floorpunch's recordings, starting with the influential demo, and wrapping up nicely with Fast Times at the Jersey Shore. While they weren't without controversy at times, this was one of the first bands to spark my interest in hardcore, so each and everyone of these songs remains relevant to me (and so many others) to this day. Blazing fast riffs, unmistakable vocals, thick bass lines, and classic drum beats created a sound which blew away nearly everyone who had the pleasure of hearing them.

Copies are still available from Six Feet Under on clear and gold vinyl for $20 each, so pick up a copy as soon as possible. I considered snapping some more photos, but it truly wouldn't do this the justice it deserves. You know them, you love them. Do it.

Six Feet Under Records

Also, if you live anywhere near the Northeast, missing this would be downright outrageous. Tickets are still available, and I'd be surprised if it didn't sell out. BUST!


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