Monday, June 28, 2010

Failures - EP

So Failures is playing a few live shows in July, so I figured why not toss this one up? A four song exercise in beating instruments to death, Failures delivers this deliciously noisy EP through the unstoppable Painkiller Records. This is presented on clean black vinyl with textured outer and inner sleeves, along with art and lyrics. Very slick.

For those familiar with their LP, this pretty much takes the baton from the last record, emitting a brutal sonic assault capable of derailing a freight train. Uncontrollably fast, undeniably harsh, and amazingly enjoyable, Failures finish about as quickly as they start, bowing out after an abrasive four minute EP. McCoy's vocals will undoubtedly annoy some people, as his higher pitched yelps grate upon the ears, but if you ever listened to Charles Bronson or any of his other projects, you already know what to expect.

The chord changes occur at almost blurring speed, utilizing higher notes while avoiding delving too deep for too long, which aids in the uneasiness that sets in while listening to Failures. I can imagine the drummer's arms practically falling off after recording this, as the fanatical fashion used in the guitar playing translates right into the percussion. Lighting fast fills bridge the gaps between even faster beats, as they maniacally sail right off a cliff when the band finally ceases their attack with "Dovetail."

If you haven't heard or picked  this one up yet, definitely give it a shot. While the complete frantic craziness of their playing style might turn some people off, this is still a well done, incredibly fast hardcore record. Be on the look out for upcoming appearances in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Indianapolis, and NYC from July 8-11. Copies on black vinyl are still available from Painkiller Records, so sell one of those crappy cassette tapes you never listen to and buy one today.

Painkiller Records