Thursday, June 3, 2010

Capitalist Casualties/Lack of Interest Split

50th post, exciting! Well, sort of. Up next is a white knuckled split EP from two powerviolence favorites, Capitalist Casualties and Lack of Interest. Seven songs worth of roaring music, continuing in the fashion which we've come to love and know from these two. This is released by Six Weeks Records, included with the latest issue of Short, Fast and Loud, which is an absolute must have. I picked this up at their show in Philly, which came with reversed labels, limited to 100. Some sort of limited tour press to excite collectors like myself.

Blasting off at jet fueled speeds, Capitalist Casualties begin their portion of the split with painfully fast drumming, raging guitars, and Shawn's ever so familiar vocals. The first track, "Tontine" is probably my favorite, sounding almost as if they haven't missed a beat from their last recordings. "Copper Green" is almost uncomfortably slow at points, which seems to drone on a bit with repetitious riffs. The final song, "Indelible Marks" teases you, pretending to be another lumbering track, but furiously explodes into another 90 second hardcore burst. There's plenty of politically motivated lyrics, but what else would we expect from these hardcore lifers?

Lack of Interest play an abrasive, jerking form of music, topped off with incredibly gruff vocals which resemble a pitbull's bark. Each song is around 30 seconds long, wasting no time whatsoever as each one abruptly cuts out just as swiftly as it began, threatening to give you whiplash before their side is finished. Songs about war, society and other semi-"run of the mill" topics are covered in their lyrics, but that's really nothing new. "Immoral" is my choice pick, with an especially viscous breakdown riff during the last 10 seconds.

As if you needed another reason to pick this up, the 23rd issue of Short, Fast and Loud is worth the $7 alone. Interviews, reviews, top ten lists, columns, pictures, and nearly anything else you can think of is included. Obviously this isn't as memorable or powerful as Subdivisions in Ruin but it's better than most efforts from older bands who release albums after 20 years or so in existence. Seriously, BUY THIS.

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