Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Shadow of a Doubt - Demo

Well, Derrick doesn't want to "toot [his] own horn" so I'll pump this one up a bit. Frantic, raging Western Mass hardcore from some dudes who seem to be doing it right. Five songs worth of distorted, crazy music which rampages its way through the cassette while threatening to spin right off the spool.

It's difficult to pin down the assorted influences here, as A Shadow of a Doubt crazily works their way though a particularly noisy brand of hardcore in a shade under 9 minutes. Plenty of squealing guitars, piercing feedback, and violent drumming spew from your stereo during each song, which is interrupted by surprising gaps of calmness in tracks like "What a Virtue, Forgiveness."

They're definitely not trying to be the latest wierdo artsy pseudo-hardcore emulation, which excites me for further possible releases. As far as demos go, this is definitely worth a few minutes of your precious time. Picture, download, and pretty much everything all taken from his Well Fed blog so please check it out. Demos are available for $3, so if you're into it, shoot an email over and pick up a copy. These are limited to 100, so I doubt it'll last. SUPPORT.

A Shadow of a Doubt 
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