Friday, July 16, 2010

Deathbeds - No Funeral

I saw these guys open up the Mammoth Grinder show this week in Philly and felt compelled to pick up their tape. Even though there was only about 20 people in the room at that point, they delivered with some high octane energy and completely roaring vocals throughout each of their head banging songs. This is the cassette version of their already released 7" EP on Young Lungs Ltd., featuring three ripping tracks of doom-type metal with some hardcore influences. Pro white shell tapes, fold out insert, and high quality digital download are all included.

Combining slower tempo riffs with solid percussion and pleasantly demonic vocals, Deathbeds generate a sound that sludge/doom metal dudes can get down on (whatever that means), but still allow more prominent influences such as Entombed or Integrity to shine through. Part of me also gets a touch of old Life of Agony from a couple of the quicker moments, but only slightly (and definitely not in the vocals). Even better, the tape doesn't sound like it was recorded underwater with a Radio Shack overhead mic in someone's basement, so you can really attain a nice feeling for their thumping sound.

There are more than enough catchy riffs littered throughout the EP, especially during the title track, "No Funeral," which had my head bouncing before I even knew what was happening. They continue a particularly grooving, catchy vibe in "Tyranny of Will," as the percussion rhythms seem to pair almost perfectly with the chugging guitar riffs. This is probably the peak of the tape, as Deathbeds' occasional infectious sensibilities strike a slick balance with their deliberate heaviness, resulting in a crushing, yet somehow pleasant track.

This is definitely a little off the beaten track from what I've been posting lately, which I'm happy to say is a great thing. Break up the frantic 40 song, 30 minute long powerviolence listening marathons, or two hour diatribes on various electro-indie groups with this three track behemoth. I found their live performance slightly more impressive, but this captures everything pretty nicely, especially for a cassette. The rip featured below is the official digital download, so there's no weird pops or blown out levels. Check out the label's link to pick up a copy, or grab one at an upcoming show.

Be at Peace Records