Monday, July 12, 2010

Stick Together - Demo

This is a pretty new Wilkes-Barre band, joining forces with the recent wave of quality hardcore coming from this region in Pennsylvania. Five piece, straightedge (duh), straight up core, with no frills or filler crap. Three songs are presented here on a clear red pro tape with fold out, orange copied inserts including the lyrics.

I recently saw these dudes at a show in Philadelphia and picked this one up after checking out the preview tracks on their MySpace page. There's some classic youth crew influences strewn about, as with most xxx bands, but what catches my ears is their ability to blend this with some more contemporary bands. Taking cues from everyone including Turning Point and Outspoken, as well as Get the Most and Mindset, Stick Together strikes a nice balance between rehashing the old and over-emulating the new.

Their lyrics are overwhelmingly edge related, but I'm always stoked to see bands who avoid preaching and trying to force their personal choices on everyone else, especially through their music. "You're different from me, that's okay/Just don't get in my way," rings true during "X Treatment," as Hoodrack clearly explains the band's central theme, but uses a pretty simple, clear method. Don't expect any clever metaphors or weird imagery here, this is about as straightforward as it gets.

Definitely check this one out, as these guys are flexing some awesome potential which quickly excites me to hear more. Back to Back Records pressed 500 of the tapes, so I wouldn't expect these to run out super quick, but definitely pick one up at a show or from the webstore if you're jamming to this as much as I am. DO IT.

Stick Together
Back to Back Records