Thursday, July 22, 2010

Natrual Law - Spring Trash Demo

So wait, this was recorded in what year? This year, seriously? Hailing from the New Jersey and New York areas, Natural Law cultivate a gritty, rough, superbly 1980s sound on their Spring Trash demo. Four songs which vary from frantic hardcore lunacy to floorboard rattling pounders usher in this tape for its rumbling six minute existence. Clear pro tapes with white print and fold out black and white inserts finish this baby off.

"Cheap Blood" lights the fuse on this pipe bomb of a demo, roaring at ideal speeds and culminating with a bone crunching breakdown. The tape seems to alternate between fast and mid tempos, as both of the lighting quick rippers are followed by a thumping, grooving track. "Spring Trash" almost approaches a level of infectiousness, as I felt compelled to air guitar with ferocity, even though there isn't a ton of variation in the riffage.

The crystal clear nods to hardcore elders drive this demo to its last gasp, which for some reason is something I usually can't seem to get enough of lately. Of course, there are some other queues taken here, as well as some contemporary flair, but it's pretty minimal. Natural Law is by no means complicated, but this is an excellent starting point, especially for a demo tape. Unfortunately this is sold out, although there could be some copies popping up at the Parts Unknown site (per the band's blogspot), so maybe check back with them every so often. Also be on the look out for a new release this fall. Play this one loud and often.

Natural Law