Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Picked Clean - Tape EP

So it would appear my recent obsession with the Midwest is continuing. Although, if bands keep dropping tapes like these I'm going to continue buying them and consequently annoying my neighbors. Another quality release here from Not Normal Tapes by Indianapolis' Picked Clean. Fast, crunchy hardcore with gritty recording and some sweet old school flavor. Black pro tapes, stickered labels, blue case, and a j-card with lyrics complete the packaging.

Oddly enough, the vocals are some of the cleanest I've heard on a tape recording lately, despite the less than stellar quality. The bass drum approaches the blown out level at points, although everything seems to meld together during the wild 60 second songs, creating a chaotic, rough vibe. People are flying side to side during this rager for sure.

Somewhat similar to other Midwest bands, there's a boatload of 80s hardcore influence, as Picked Clean blast through their six songs in a shade under 7 minutes. Borderline uncontrollable feedback squeals in between the tracks while the music almost never ceases its assault on your ears. Expect plenty of distortion, thumping percussion, as well as some socially and politically conscious lyrical content.

Not Normal Tapes continues its reign of hardcore dominance, churning out more quality tunes with each blistering cassette. I wish the quality was a touch better, but that's my only real complaint about this release. Pick it up for $3 today or regret it later, as this is a one time pressing limited to 100.

Picked Clean
Not Normal Tapes