Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Pile of Wax from React! Records

Finally! An exciting delivery of inspired, positive, energetic hardcore arrived at my door the other day after a preorder I placed a while back. Colored wax, stickers, screened patches, digital downloads, and even a screened cardboard mailer were included with these three records:

Get the Most - Together
Praise - Growing.Changing.Healing.
Damages - Unrequited

While each band establishes their own particular flair and affinity for hardcore, they remain within the distinct realm of React! Records' roster, which isn't always a negative point. Fast paced, heartfelt, and aggressive, all three of these groups blaze through their records with intense ferocity and pounding rhythms.

Get the Most rides the infectious wave of newer youth crew influenced bands, playing with wild speed which threatens to derail nearly every song. After a demo and three EPs, they finally drop their LP onto anxious fans, which continues in similar fashion to the material everyone has grown to know, whether they dig it or not. 10 songs in 20 minutes, you know the deal. These breakdowns will have you jumping around like an eight year old who found their way into a case of Pixy Stix. 

Praise tap into plenty of obvious hardcore elders, playing a particular brand of straightedge hardcore which mixes everything from Chain of Strength to Champion to Bad Brains all at once. The result is a captivating four track record (its not religious, despite the band's name, so relax) which rings true to React's impeccable roster.

Damages departs from the typical fast-slow-fast formula of their contemporaries, exploring further into the depths of rock whilst generating a darker, more ominous aura. Even though their EP only contains two songs, both are over three minutes long, ensuring listeners receive enough of their stripped down sound to effectively catch the vibe. 

If the descriptions alone aren't enough to drag your mouse over to the React! webstore to buy something, then the plentiful images should do the trick. Colored vinyl, stickers, patches, digital downloads, quality sleeves and packaging round out each of these records to ensure even the most obnoxious record collector freak is satisfied. New wax is always dropping and fresh bands are always joining up with this label, so stay alert. Sorry, no downloads on this one.

React! Records